Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Finals Recap

Hello people who read this. As of approximately 4:43 EST this evening, I am finished with my third semester of college. While hoping my low A's didn't drop to B's and my high B's went up to A's, and stressing in the meantime until I know, I have been blessed with some time for reflection. This post will be fairly short, but keep reading if you feel inclined.

Looking back at the past seven days I wonder why I pay thousands of dollars that will inevitably lead me to premature wrinkles and a heart attack, but woe is life. I suppose I need a Bachelor's before getting an MD. I realize now that there were times this week I could have studied more. Like Saturday night, when I spent study time building a puzzle and eating Cook-Out rather than studying for my O Chem final. Or Friday night when I left my study room an hour early to go see Christmas lights with Amy, Mary, and Dakota. Or any time I spent watching Friends in the last 7 days which is probably more time than I would like to admit. I had four finals this week and even though they were very spaced out, it was still stressful trying to remember a semester's worth of information for a test that would decide my grade in every class. I would be lying if I said that I didn't consider changing majors at least 5 times this week. Or that I didn't have a mental breakdown before every single one of my exams. This week has been trying, but so has this semester. The grades will be what they are and at the end of the day all I can do is pray about it. Because you know what? Even though I thought so several times this week, my life isn't horrible. There are plenty of people who have it worse, and many things going on in this world that are more important.

Did I lose someone to a radial Islamic couple last week? No. Did I sleep out on the cold street last night? No. Have I had a warm meal in the last 24 hours? Yes, multiple ones in fact. Do I have a job to buy food and clothes? Yes. Is my country in shambles due to war or other factors? No. Do I have to fear every single day that I won't make it home tonight? Not in the sense that many people in other countries do.

And those issues are the tip of the iceberg. My point is that while sometimes we face trials and tribulations, and Lord knows this week has been full of them, it's never as bad as we think. So I'm gonna try to have a  little faith and say a little prayer, and what's meant to be will be. As for right now though, it's time to get ready for church (it's a Holy Day of Obligation for my fellow Catholics, don't forget).

Until next time,

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